JConcepts Hybrids 1/8 Truggy Tire (2pcs) (Green)


SKU: JCO304502


This is a pack of two JConcepts Hybrids Elevated Bead 1/8th truggy tires.

The Hybrids feature a mid height lug design.  Extensive testing by JConcepts shows a smaller pin height is advantageous in many conditions, particularly when sharp angles and edges arise in the track surface.  The center lug on this tire is inherited from the Crowbar design and will pick up the heavy lifting in order to provide excellent forward bite.  Supported lug control and X-braced sidewall lug detail will allow you to go the distance in long qualifiers and final main events.

Adapted for the 1/8th truck class featuring the Elevated Bead design

The JConcepts Hydrids make use of the Elevated Bead tire design that utilizes the tire sidewall as the mounting bead.  This design allows the use of less tire and insert material, which in turn results in a lower rotating mass.  This design also simplies the mounting and gluing of the tire to the wheel. 

For use with JConcepts Elevated Bead wheels (3334 or 3334Y). 


  • Available in Green and Black compounds
  • Compact, continuous tire body
  • Elevated Bead technology with crisp tread and separation
  • Aggressive, supported lug control with X-braced sidewalls
  • Includes light weight Force-1 inserts

JConcepts Tire Compound Applications:

  • Green (Super Soft): For conditions with minimum traction. Works well on slippery, wet tracks.
  • Black (Mega Soft): Recommended for temperatures 59° (15°C) and under or extremely loose conditions.

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