SKU: JCO307801


This is a pack of two JConcepts Dirt Webs 2.2" 4wd front buggy tires (gold compound).

The Dirt Webs tread, originally based on the popular Pressure Points tire connects uniformly positioned Web-Bars to create an amazingly stable tire.  The Dirt Webs, the ultimate Bar-Tire, relies heavily on the Web-treatment for massive forward acceleration; however, the design does not stop there.   Inside the supported bar portion rests horizontal and vertical alternating bars which help balance side-bite and backs up the Web-Bars to help minimize wear.  Down in the corners, small Pressure Point sized pins break-in quickly providing surface area for specialty indoor racing and also lend a helping hand to stabilize the tire in extreme high-grip conditions.   

The outer edges feature a single rib on each side which proves extra side-bite during heavy cornering and side-loading.  The Dirt Web tread sits on a new tire body carcass giving the tire a low-profile, wide-body appearance allowing clipped tread to extend all the way to the outer edges.  The carefully shaped profile allows a great balance of monster forward traction and comfortable side-bite.   Available in multiple compounds, the Dirt Webs can easily be matched to any track conditions ranging from indoor clay and dirt to outdoor hard-packed or treated clay or dirt.


  • JConcepts original tread pattern designed in conjunction by Brian Kinwald and Jason Ruona
  • Available in multiple compounds
  • Connected Web-bars for stability and forward grip
  • Horizontal and vertical bars for side-bite
  • Pressure Point pins adds surface area
  • 2.2" bead mounting size for compatibility
  • Carefully shaped carcass for forward traction
  • Includes JConcepts And-1 foam inserts (firm)

JConcepts Tire Compound Applications: 

  • White (Medium): For high temperature, outdoor racing. Intended for use on abrasive tracks.
  • Blue (Soft): All purpose compound. Excels in dusty, low bite conditions.
  • Orange (Soft): Intended for black/blue groove conditions. Excels on dry, high temperature tracks.
  • Gold (Indoor Soft): Developed for indoor clay surfaces.
  • Silver (Super Soft Indoor): Similar to gold, but softer. Breaks in faster.  Recommended on freshly groomed tracks or when a faster break in is needed. 
  • Green (Super Soft): For conditions with minimum traction. Works well on slippery, wet tracks.
  • Black (Mega Soft): Recommended for conditions 59° and under, or extremely loose conditions.
  • Red (Medium Soft): For high groove traction with broken sections. Excels on grippy surfaces that have taken rubber.

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