Highest RC DLP750

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Highest RC servos are designed and manufactured to provide unmatched performance and durability to racers at all levels. Featuring the finest quality components available on today’s market, Highest RC servos will amaze you with their quiet operation, stunning performance, and superb durability.

The DLP750 is a low profile servo that features an aluminum middle case to dissipate heat, precision dual ball bearings to support the gear train, and exceptionally durable metal gears.  It also comes with a very strong aluminum single arm servo horn and rubber mounting grommets.

You can tell this servo is exceptional from the moment you apply power. It is whisper quiet, unlike other brands that have an annoying buzzing sound. The quietness is due to the high quality electronics that Highest uses. Once you get it on the track you will feel how smooth, precise, and powerful it is. You’ll find you can hold the tightest lines on the most demanding tracks.

The DLP650 uses a powerful, but very efficient, coreless motor. The highly efficient motor, in combination with the precision electronics, means “brown outs” and “glitching” are a thing of the past. An external BEC or BEC stabilizing receiver capacitor is not needed with a Highest servo!

If you are looking for a servo that will deliver the performance and reliability you demand and expect in your vehicle, then you've found it.  Get a Highest RC servo and put your competition behind you.

Operating Voltage 6.0V - 7.4V
Operating Speed @ 6.0V 0.07 sec
Operating Speed @ 7.4V 0.06 sec
Stall Torque @ 6.0V 138 oz-in (9.94 kg-cm)
Stall Torque @ 7.4V 161.1 oz-in (11.6 kg-cm)
Motor Type Coreless DC
Weight 54.5 gm

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