Extended Front and Rear Body Mounts (REVO 3.3, E-REVO, Summit) for REVO 3.3, E-REVO and SUMMIT


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Extended Front and Rear Body Mounts for REVO 3.3, E-REVO, SUMMIT & Slayer Pro SC


  • Completely adjustable body mounts so virtually any body will fit perfectly
  • Innovative screw on body mounting system (Secure-Loc Cap)
  • Designed Specifically for your REVO® 3.3, E-REVO® & Summit®
  • Long body mounts included
  • Made from Ultra-Durable Nylon
  • Replacement parts: 
    6070-02 Secure-Loc Caps

What's Included

  • Body Mounts and Posts (Front & Rear)
  • Mounting Hardware


  • [F/R] REVO 3.3
  • [F/R] E-REVO
  • [F/R] E-REVO Brushless
  • [F/R] Summit
  • [F/R] Slayer Pro SC

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