2.2/5.5 KLR (Includes 2 tires, Foams Not Included)


SKU: VA003-01


Killer Instinct!

Tire size:  2.2 x 5.5 x 2.0

Designed with cut Treps in mind, its deep and aggressively designed lug pattern gives the Voodoo KLR its reputation as the ultimate go anywhere, do anything tire!


-VEX (Vertical Extreme) Rubber Compound! 3 densities to choose from: Gold (Ultra Soft), Silver (Soft), Blue (Medium Soft)

-Double Deadband anti rebound technology. This feature is engineered into the sidewall and greatly reduces bounce and allows the tire to easily conform to the terrain.

-Engineered sidewall: Deep, specially shaped ribs allows the user to utilize very very soft foams without sacrificing side hill integrity.

-FoamLoc: Grooves found on the inner diameter of the carcass help prevent the foams from moving side to side.

-EZ Mount engineered beads...simply put, the easiest tires to mount in the industry!

Tire size: 2.2 x 5.5 x 2.0   Tire cleaning tips: Use undiluted Purple Power cleaner to remove the hazy white mold release from the surface of the rubber.

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